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Our European hair VS the most common in US Factory Hair explanation.

The distinction between European unprocessed hair and factory-processed hair revolves around the quality, integrity, and authenticity of the hair. Here's a breakdown of why European unprocessed hair is often considered superior:

* Natural Integrity: European unprocessed hair retains its natural cuticle layer. The cuticle is the hair's outermost layer, and when intact, it gives the hair a natural shine, smoothness, and protection against environmental damage. Factory-processed hair often strips this layer, leading to a less natural look and feel.

* Longevity: European unprocessed hair tends to last longer. The absence of chemical treatments means the hair remains strong and can withstand daily wear, styling, and environmental factors much better than processed hair.

* Consistency: Unprocessed hair provides a consistent texture and quality, ensuring a more seamless blend with one's natural hair. In contrast, factory hair might have inconsistencies due to varying treatments.

* Natural Look and Feel: Because it hasn't been altered or treated, European unprocessed hair offers a more authentic appearance and touch. It moves, flows, and feels like natural hair.

* Healthier Scalp: The absence of chemicals or silicone (often used in factory hair to mimic a shiny finish) means a reduced risk of scalp irritations or allergic reactions.

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