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We don't just offer hair extensions — we offer transformations.


What makes European Hair Extensions the top choice?

Authentic European Hair
Our European Hair 100%  natural, free from synthetics, and never prone to frizz or dryness. Experience the luxurious, silky, and healthy feel of our extensions, so realistic that no one will suspect it’s not your own hair.
Promoting Natural Hair Growth
Our hair extensions don't just enhance your style; they also offer protection, allowing your natural hair to grow.
Damage free for Natural Hair
Our handmade keratin micro-beads extensions are meticulously crafted to be lightweight, ensuring no strain or damage to your natural hair. You will forget that you have extensions!
Check out our glowing reviews on Google and see our client transformations for yourself on our Instagram page. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction

Over 500 Happy Clients

Our portfolio boasts over a century of satisfied customers who have undergone remarkable hair transformations.

What makes us truly special?

We take pride in our exceptional quality, using only the highest-grade hair for our extensions to guarantee a seamless and stunning result. Each visit to our salon is an exclusive experience, where you’re greeted with a keen eye for detail and a warm embrace of care, ensuring every aspect of your service is special and focused on what’s important to you.


Your hair’s health is our passion. Trust in our ability to not only beautify your current look but also to support the growth and vitality of your natural hair. We’ll educate you on the best practices to manage and maintain your hair at home, giving you confidence and independence.


In addition to our extension services, we offer specialized treatments designed to truly rejuvenate and fortify your hair, ensuring it remains as healthy as it is beautiful.


Choose Angelina European Hair Extensions Salon, where your hair’s beauty and health go hand in hand. Visit us and let’s embark on a journey to achieve the luxurious locks you’ve always desired

Why women choose us:

- Women that have genetically fine hair

- After a color defect or ‘bad hair-cutting experience'

- Wants to add length during hair growth process'

- Add more volume and still feel something natural

- If you want to experiment with your transformation

- After a medical treatment damaging the hair




Our services

Handmade Keratin Micro-Beads Extensions

An innovative method that ensures durability, a natural feel, and a seamless blend with your natural hair.

Professional Make-up & Professional Hair Styling

From classic to contemporary styles, our stylists will create a look that complements your personality and occasion.

Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment

A revolutionary treatment that rejuvenates and strengthens hair, giving it a renewed shine and silkiness.

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Our Happy Clients


Angelina is a great professional! My hair has never been so gorgeous! Moreover she is a sweet polite person who is able to keep a nice conversation. Having my hair extension with Angelina was a big pleasure, I’m definitely returning to her and highly recommend her to others!

Daria Ovinova